Ann Teliczan

About Ann Teliczan

Ann's work is influenced by the natural environment surrounding her and Ann's love of nature. As a young child she moved from her birthplace in sunny Los Angeles to a little farming community nestled against the western slopes of the Cascade mountains near the Canadian border. Ann's earliest memories are of noticing the smallest details from those in a little wildflower, to the beauty of a worn out old shack or weathered tombstone amidst grey skies and brilliant green grass. She lived in an ever hazy overcast environment that would envelop her world for weeks.

When Ann moved to "Chicagoland" during her youth, she was surrounded by a thriving art scene, it was during this time that Ann realized she was an artist. If she wasn’t drawing or photographing her latest subject, she was thinking of it. To this day, Ann drifts off to sleep visualizing different works that she wants to create.

Although much of her work is self taught, she studied illustration, graphic design and photography at William James College, a liberal arts college that emphasized philosophical thinking based in Grand Rapids, Michigan. This is where Ann still lives, surrounded by nature.

Until 2003, she kept her work private as a form of personal expression. Ann's technique continues to evolve, as she experiments with her unique creative process which is based on blending traditional painting using minerals, with cameraless, filmless digital captures that are printed on varies substrates including canvas, art paper and betona® tiles.


Luna Paintings
Through experimentation I have developed a unique process which is a hybrid of 3-D objects captured directly with a flatbed scanner and sophisticated scanning software. The captured images are painted with the use of a powerful computer and carefully printed with archival inks on archival fine art paper, canvas, 1/4" acrylic or custom tiles that use a matrix to create large scale tile murals that cover surfaces such as floor to ceiling walls. I personally inspect each print before I sign them. The result is a work with saturated color, vivid detail and a luminous surreal feel that can be printed extremely large.

Mica Luna Paintings
Mica luna paintings are also available, I meticulously overpaint an archival print with mica using a technique I innovated that retains the mica’s translucency, while adding a luminescence to the print.